Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For my friends in their senior year in Undergrad...


While on facebook, I saw a few status updates along the lines of "Senior year, the beginning of the end" or "School starts tomorrow, you don't know what that means!" For me, I do know what that means. I am along with everyone all over again as I start my second year in my MFA courses at School of Visual Arts.

I've learned several things after leaving undergrad, doing work for clients and so forth. By all means, I am not trying to say that I know more than someone whos been in the trenches for 10+ years. What I've found is that if you really want to be an illustrator, you have to really want it. I mean REALLY want it. This summer, I took on a full time job to supplement my income while I keep pushing, and I can see how easy it is to give up. Working strange hours to make a deadline and then feeling dead when you are working a day job the next day. The thing I am saying is, dont give up, just make more work everyday and dont stop. I am getting to a point now, where I never want to work a day job again in my life. I just want to make conceptual pictures for publication and galleries.

One last thing, if you love drawing and painting one way, dont sell out doing something you don't like to be "marketable". There are so many people out there that need illustrators and so many variations of jobs out there, that everyone can get work.

So for your senior year, make work that you would want to see used out in the world. Make it with passion, craft it with love, and turn out only the best. Art is work, Dont stop making it.

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