Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kick up the jams!

Even though these last two weeks have been crazy busy, with the finalization of my long term summer project, I was able to finish a portrait of Adam Coralla, for The Stranger.

Coles Phillips, 1921 Life Magazine Cover

The inspiration for this piece comes out of my love for the graphic cut outs (or as poster artist call "The Fade Away") that Coles Phillips, was known for.

When Aaron contacted me to do the piece, he told me, the portrait was for a positive review of Adam Coralla's Stand up work. After doing some research I found out that Coralla is also a podcaster, who has one of the most downloaded podcast's on iTunes. After hearing all about that, and after looking at some photos, I couldn't stop thinking of Adam Coralla being a south Philly lounge singer from the 1950's. Blue suit and all. After submitting sketches, Aaron pretty much felt the same way.

Another big thanks to Aaron for contacting me for another awesome job! This image should be in todays The Stranger (seattle, wa).


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Ashley said...

Nice work, Daniel! You got a great likeness, and I love the palette you used!