Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Vision Empty Wallet

I was asked by Alex Cirillo, one of the head folk at Big Vision Empty Wallet, to display some prints at their NYC Chapter opening last week. What's really funny about the entire thing was that I had gotten an email from my friend Will Varner, inviting me to the same event I was in. Total coincidence, and very cool!

The artwork was shown near the entrance as people came in from the cold lower east side weather. In the back were tables, music, and a bar (if your into that sort of thing) where people talked about why they were there, and what they were working on, ect. Big Vision Empty wallet is a non-profit that sets up events, bringing artist, film makers, actors, ect together and on a budget they can ethically agree on. Some cool short films were shown, and afterwords the place started to wind down.

Big Thanks to Alex, for setting up the event and including me in it. Photos by Dan Rock and Deneka Peniston.

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