Friday, July 23, 2010

POST: ICON 6 | LA & Illustration + Animation

What can I say! It was really great getting off the east coast and checking out what I am missing on the sunny side of the country, where palm trees exist. It was my first time flying anywhere, and I have to say that I had alot of fun flying. The thought of being 30,000 ft in the air going at a constant 500+ miles per hour is alittle frightening but when you look out the window, it seems like your going 20 miles per hour. Flying is, and will forever be a surreal thing to me.

I had a chance to hang out around Union Square in LA, which is much different than Union Square here in New York City. Less people, and more character. It took me 3 hours to get from LAX to the Mission subway stop in Pasadena, and then another 45 minutes to walk to the hotel. I know now that I need to rent a car next time I go to Los Angeles. The conference over all was well worth it. Less show and tell and More insightful and educational stuff this year about illustration from the past, present and the controversial future when it comes to digital devices for illustrators.

Thomas James at Escape from illustration island is doing a great job covering and discussing the animation issue. If you've been following my blog, you will know that I am a futurist and am in full support of illustrators also being Animators. Its the same issue people struggled with when Milton Glaser called himself an "Illustrator + Designer". Graphic designers still don't recognize Milton as a designer. Its another tool that illustrators can use and venture into new creative waters. I don't think illustrators will pursue animation the same way traditionally trained animators would, but instead use low tech ways of making an illustration+Animation as a product to sell. In September I will be showing my book I've been working on for 6 months and will have a E-Book version of it in January (maybe sooner). All in all, It doesn't matter the medium. If illustrators are telling stories, it doesn't matter if it's a still image or an animated one. Illustrators will continue to find and fill the need to tell stories and draw portraits of people.

Some of the more memorable moments of the conference was Wayne White southern comfort of a presentation, John Hendrix dressing up as John Brown (below), Craig Yoe clearing the room of all the BYU students by claiming comics is what took him away from being a minister, and best of all just hanging out with new illustrator friends, old friends, and internet friends now real friends.

Big thanks to Alyssa Deville and Chloe Yingst for hooking me up with places to stay while at ICON. I owe ya both.


aileen said...

Sweet recap. I had no idea Craig Yoe cleared the room of BYU students. Awesome. I love how the conference didn't shy away from raising controversial issues from having outspoken illustrators and exploring ethics. It's great to have these thought provoking discussions to elevate our profession beyond just making purdy pictures.

Chloe Yingst said...