Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exercise in Style

I believe that once in a while you have to pull out a piece of reference and go through a line of styles. It's healthy I think to have alittle bit of fun and get out of your comfort zone alittle bit and try everything from what you do to the most abstract ways to describe a form like a Charles Harper illustration.

On a side note I will be unavailable for new work from the 14th through the 18th, since I will be at ICON 6 in Los Angeles, CA. (Yeah Brawh!) I already have a few projects on the stove till the end of August, but I am not adverse to take new work if the deadlines are quick.

Also in early september I am updating my website with 99% new work. The portfolio you see wont be there, and possibly in a new format. I may change the typography on the website as well but thats something I will think about.

If your at ICON this coming week, come around and say HELLO! Also, a big thanks to Alyssa Deville for letting me stay at her place during the conference.

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