Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Positive

One dorky thing I have on my studio wall, is a list of 20 Art Directors names that I really want to work for, and 10 of which I want to get my work in front of and work with this year. I was completely caught off guard when one of those A.D. off my top 10, called me on the phone. Who called? Catherine Gontarek from the Pennsylvania Gazette.

The article that she asked me to illustrate was about a unique masters program at U Penn, called Positive Psychology. The idea of the program was to learn about various philosophical texts that talk about what "the good life" was, and how to engage others into more positive thinking that would lead to living a better life. I am posting half the sketches I sent to Cathy. Most of the time I send three or four, but I felt the need to really hash this out and work with her on the article. She liked the idea of the women on a bicycle and the metaphor of using tools to bring upon happiness, so I went with that.

Originally, I had a pony tail on the lady, but Cathy thought she looked alittle man"ish". So I made up the hair photoshoped it into the painting.

Thanks again Catherine, for working with me! Hope to to work on another assignment for you soon. If your interested in reading the article Click Here