Monday, May 10, 2010

Connect/Reconnect (Diversify your Connections)

I often think about a few of my friends who are pretty baller in the business and try to articulate how they got successful. More often then not it usually comes down to...

1. Working hard/producing a lot/120%/Go the extra mile/Unique personal work
2. Lots of Promotion/Being seen at events
3. Being really nice to everyone
4. Supporting others in the business, especially those young and just getting out of school

but most of all...

5. Diversify those you are around with.

So why should illustrators hang out with graphic designers/web designers/animators/and other creative types? Well, other than venting over the usual "freelance" drab, we can talk about what excites YOU about what you LOVE TO DO, how we can HELP EACH OTHER, and how we can flux with the ever changing market. So what do I want to do?

I am calling you all creative folk. I don't care if you build lego houses in the Hamptons, do graphic design for wine bottles, Mix DJ tracks for skateboarders to rip up the ramps, paint hand lettered signs, or even consider yourself a champion pumpkin carver (yes I've met one). I want to talk to YOU!

If your in the NYC Metro area on a WEEKEND, and you want to hang out and digress email me: mail(at)

Like the song by 7 seconds: Walk Together Rock Together.

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