Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confitte Wallet: Save it for a rainy day

Last May/June, I was lucky enough to work with the awesome brothers that run Confitte, based out of Buenos Aires, Agentina. Their mission statement says "We are a young design label, which seeks to merge in their products that we believe are important values such as innovation, quality, art and respect for the environment."

The assignment was simple or so it seemed. The art direction was, do whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with nature, and hand lettering that had a message dealing with money. I struggled for days until I finally came up with a solution that best served for the product. Something I always strived for, was to take the spontaneity/experimentation of my sketch books and then in turn apply it to my illustration work. Working as a conceptual illustrator tends to be less liberating at times when trying to make new, bold artistic choices and take liberties in new directions without straying to far from what a client would expect from you.

I am confident that I was able to break new ground with my work from this assignment and created new opportunities in which my illustration work could exist, outside of the magazine pages, and merch tables at punk rock shows. I am extremely excited, held my breath for many months until the product went live until showing off this true labor of love.

Fun fact about this project: I work digitally doing my illustration work, but for this project I hand painted the whole thing in Acrylic. I don't see much of a difference between this and my regular work do you?

You can purchase my wallet, or some of the other finely illustrated wallets here: Tuenda Linda web store



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brezinka said...

Beautiful work Daniel. I love this bird image . . .very will crafted. Continued success to you.