Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sprung a leak

Content Leak

Even with alot of great features, it still seems that people are refusing to e-readers. I think it particually has to do with the physical nature of a book. You can hold it, you can turn a page, make notes on it, ect. It's nostaglic, and even iconic. With the internet though, it gives more and more of a chance for fine pieces of literature to be stolen through internet piracy.

I wonder if their are any safe guards to how books are bought and placed on to these e-readers, or if they are as freely transfered as music is on the world wide web?

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Randall said...

This is a nice piece, I like it a lot.

I think, if you're asking, that my refusal of e-readers is the control it gives others over my reading material. News as already cropped up about apple censoring comics on the iPad, and the Kindle is capable of mass deleting "un-official copies" of books, which, on the surface isn't so bad, but does show just how much control they have over something that is supposedly my property.

At least with print, they have to pry it from my hands before they burn it.

And, yes, you're absolutely right... there's nothing quite like holding a book in your hands. I always feel like, on some unconscious level, your brain registers the extra layer between the page and the eye -- i.e. the screen, which can be manipulated manually [scrolling, zoom, etc]. Whereas with a book, your eye and hands handle all of that.

Sorry to rant. This is a brilliant piece you've done.