Friday, April 2, 2010

Going away to College

A few weeks ago I sat down with my roommate Matt, and we got onto the subject of attending college in terms of Today versus Ten to Fifteen Years ago. One thing we both thought was interesting was how when we were in middle school, we were told it was ideal to go to college because honestly, what can you do with just a high school diploma? Fast forward today, when it comes to job hunting after college, it seems that a lot of places are looking for either “3-5 years experience” and/or a masters degree attached to your resume. Matt has been struggling to find a part time job anywhere really in New York City while he is attending school. Even to be someone who walks dogs needs a B.A. in something.

This isn’t an unusual kind of story. A few of my friends from my hometown, who got degrees to become teachers, accountants, and so on, that seem safe to get jobs with benefits, just aren’t as available as they were five to ten years ago due to the economy. I read the graphic novel “Breakfast Afternoon” by Andi Watson, which pretty much is the same thing. Two lovers get laid off, they are struggling to find work, the one goes back to school, finishes and then cant get a job because she doesn’t have experience or the next degree up from that to get one.

It just seems like people are getting the degrees that they need to achieve a better life, but no one is getting in the door.

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