Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spirit Desire

I had the pleasure of working with Chuck from Tiny Engines Records on a really awesome project. Chuck asked me if I was interested in doing illustration and design for a limited edition run cover that would be screen printed for the last Tigers Jaw release, "Spirit Desire". I was happy to accept the job so I forwarded over some sketches. Out of the 5, they liked two of them.

When I create a sketch for a client, I don't want my brain to get in the way of my hand. In art school, they often told me I was lazy or I didn't show I care about the sketches and it made them feel like "Why should I care about this piece you COULD create, if you don't show it worked out?" This isn't true at all. I feel like if I get to caught up in the detail to early on, that I will loose steam as I go to the finish.

So I got an email back saying they like the one with the girl with the swirls but they like the guy with the smoke coming out of his neck. So I finished both. The guy with the spirit smoke coming out of his neck is going to be the 7" wrap around and the other illustration is going to be a poster that the band is going to sell on tour.

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